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Hello and welcome!

Thank you for taking time to check out my work. I am Dei but I go by my cosplay handle/alias Dei CosArt.

Since 2007 I have made a variety of costumes. I have cosplayed/ made over 100 personal costumes within the 13 years I have been cosplaying. 

  I began making my own costumes around the end of 2008 by sewing my first costume from scratch, Sora from Kingdom Hearts, and fell in love with the craft. I have experience in sewing, armor/prop work, wig styling, and more. 

Through cosplay I have had the pleasure of learning not only new skill but also participating in Fan films such as “Real Housewives of Nintendo” by Pelvic Gaming and “Thor: God of Thunder “by Lee Thongkham.  I’ve also been a costume judge at conventions such as Mizucon (2015) and Metrocon (2016), along with many other wonderful opportunities. However, I continue to cosplay for the love of the craft. Cosplaying is a passion of mine and way to be myself and meet new people.


Below is a list of my awards, achievements and projects I have been apart of or received. In 2010 I entered my first costume contest as a beginner and did not enter another contest until early 2017. Slowly I plan to enter more and more and build up my my credibility as a costume maker with certification from any awards I may receive.   

Awards, Achievements, and Projects : 



  • Best Journeyman - Hatsume Fair 2017

  • First Place - Colossalcon 16 Wig styling contest 2017

Media features- 


Panels Hosted: 

  • Cosplay LvL Up: Armor Construction for beginners - Metrocon 2017-2019, LumiCon 2018, Holiday Matsuri 2018

  • Wig Styling 101 - Metrocon 2017-2018

  • Keyblade building competition- Metrocon 2019

  • Fate the Chaldea games - Metrocon 2019

  • And MORE! 

Judging/Guest opportunities- 

  • Mizucon 2015

  • Metrocon 2016 

  • Metrocon 2017

  • Metrocon 2018

  • FreeCon 2019

  • FL PolyCon 2019

  • Metrocon 2019


What do you have to look forward too?

I will be working more on making tutorials and doing panels to help teach others more about cosplay and the different tricks of the trade. I will also be releasing more photos from photoshoots and conventions as well as videos.

I hope you continue to follow my work and enjoy it!

It means the world to me!

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