What would you consider your skill level with armor
If you could choose which one to make, what would you want to make the most?

Do you have any questions for the instructor? 

Terms and Conditions: 

1. In order to keep this workshop free of charge, you will agree to bringing your own materials for the workshop. Materials provided by the instructor will be limited and you will not be allowed to participate or will have to borrow from someone else if there are over 3 items you are missing from your list. 

2. You will not play around , cause a disturbance, or endanger anyone else in the workshop. If you are caught doing this, security will be informed and you will be kicked out of the workshop. 
3. You can only sign out one tool at a time. If you sign out a tool to borrow from the instructor, you will be required to leave behind your badge or an ID and they will be returned to you when you bring it back. If you loose the item you accept full responsibility. 
4. You are still to follow Metrocon's policies and FAQ, as well as Florida law. 
5. If you are wearing a costume / cosplay to the workshop we will not  be held responsible for any damages that may occur. 
6. You are responsible for your own possessions. We are not responsible for any lost or stolen goods. So please make sure you keep an eye on your things. 
7. Only those who have signed this are allowed to participate in the workshop. 

By typing your name below, you agree to these terms and conditions. 

Sign ups end July 8th. Email confirmation out on the 9th. 

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