Holiday Matsuri 2021 Photoshoots

December 17-19, 2021

Marriott World Center Orlando, Florida



Package Information

- All packages are guaranteed up to 2 or more photos per person depending on the group size and photo limit. (additional photos provided past the set amount are up to the photographer) 
- All packages offer  standard editing services such as skin retouching, color correction, Background and prop retouching. 
-Colored Lighting, Special effects , and night shoots provided.
Beginner friendly" does not apply to this
- "Beginner Friendly" packages will only offer the standard editing services listed above. 
-Special effects include power and magic visuals and minor scenery alterations. Fees may apply depending on the complexity. For fully composited photos please contact me.

Beginner Friendly: is for cosplayers completely new or just starting off with photoshoots. I will only be offering a small amount of these, and they will be selected . Special effects, Colored LED Lighting, Night shoots not included in this package.

For groups of 7 or more people please contact the photographer to work out a package.

All Photoshoots requests will be approved by the photographer. You will be required to fill out a Model release/ Photographer agreement that will list the package and time you've requested and the benefits provided in your package . These will be sent to you via e-mail and will also be available to read over and sign during the shoot.

Processing and editing time may vary per shoot due to complexity, size, or personal life matters with the photographer. However you are always welcome to email or message me on my social media platforms and I will be happy to provide you with updates.