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Cosplay, Crafting, and Commissions on hold

This isn't an easy thing to write, but I have been getting a lot more traffic on here because of Halloween approaching and conventions starting up again after the pandemic. Its with a heavy heart that I say I wont be doing a lot of new cosplays or taking on any costume commissions outside of wig styling until fall of 2022. Back in May there was a terrible incident and my home caught on fire. The damages were so bad that the entire home is being rebuilt from the ground up and my roommates and I lost everything. This included all of my sewing equipment and supplies, which a lot of things like the fabric and other materials I could not claim on insurance. Because of this we did have to move until the home could be rebuilt and there is not enough space to really set up a new workspace. Progress on the home is slow but I do try to leave updates on my twitter and Ko-fi What I have written about the house fire so far: I do want to thank everyone who has shown interest in commissioning me and if you would like to come back later when everything is rebuilt and I am able to start again that would make me happier than I could ever express. Thank you again to everyone who has been so supportive. I love and appreciate all of you. Sincerely, DeiCosart


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